Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Possible Weekend Plans

I've been hunting for a new art project to get into and think redoing my floors this weekend might scratch that itch:

via http://mdashing.wordpress.com/

I love the look of painted floors, though sometimes feel like they can look cheap especially when they start to get dirty. This one however, is incredible. The best part: this guy did this to a rental. In one night.

This man is my hero.

another option:

via apartment therapy

I'd definitely lose my deposit, but it might be worth it just to see the look on my property manager's face.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

James Meyer

According to this I write like either James Joyce or Stephenie Meyer.

I don't know if I should be really impessed or really offended.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

My mind is blown

First of all by this Gaga video. I know I’m pretty late to jump on this video’s bandwagon, but I just gotta say: girl be crazy.

On another note: life is funny how it can occasionally take you completely by storm. As much as I look for the unusual to fall into my lap I for the most part feel my surprises are planned out or I see in advance where they are coming from. Lately I’ve been feeling stuck and in a bit of limbo of trying to figure out what I’m doing next. Tonight though I came home to find an e-mail from a friend/connection I’d made randomly at a birthday party (can I also just say how new friend dates are as awkward as real dates? another blog post for another day) and out of the blue have an offer for some freelance writing work.

I’m not sure how long it will last or where it will lead, but it all seems so kismet. Things seem to pop up right when you’re feeling cornered and not sure where to turn. Which sounds incredibly zen of me and anyone who spends more time with me will wonder where it came from since I NEVER remember this little gem when I’m not having things pop into my life.

But tonight I’m well aware of this truth and am enjoying marveling at how random life is and how, at times, it gives you a new direction you never saw coming. That and Lady GaGa videos that leave you saying, “oh no she didn’t”.

image from ffffound/

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I'm such a bad Millennial.

I’m such a bad Millennial I didn’t even know the term for my generation was Millennial not Millinium, (thank you wikipedia!). I also seem to have an unnatural distrust of new technology. Case in point: I recently joined LinkedIn and am now echoing the sentiment my mother e-mailed in response to my friend (link?) request: Sorry sweetie, I deleted your e-mail because I didn’t understand what it wanted.

This is where I come from; is it any surprise I don’t understand technology?

My plan for the evening was to spend it making sense of LinkedIn and improving the blog. Unfortunately blogger keeps crashing on my changes and my mind is blanking every time I attempt to read what code will add new gadgets to my sidebar. Gah!

So instead I think I will try a few more things and then give up. I have a new book I'm excited to get to and it's looking better and better the more confusing this computer thing gets.

image from fffound

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Reason 1213 Why I Love Seattle


Yesterday while outside weeding my garden two cute boys ran by and I heard this line from their conversation:
“Is it anything you think greater, more in-depth communication would solve?”

I love this city.
(Sorry for the false excitement; there was no actually naked running)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

promises, promises

I was out the other night when I found myself fascinated by a conversation between a friend and boy she was interested in. The conversation itself wasn’t particularly exciting, but something about it kept me watching them until finally realizing what it was: her flirting tactics were (unfortunately) ones I myself had employed not that long ago.

Among other bad habits I used to have was finding everything a possible crush said to be INCREDIBLY funny and using an ungodly amount of hairography while talking. At the time I didn’t realize how much this made me look like a slightly deranged epileptic and since have thankfully have moved beyond such techniques.

However the night got me thinking about other things I’d like to change about myself and I realized my follow through could use some serious help. Honestly, I’m terrible at it. I start things, and then get distracted by others, leaving half finished projects all over the place. Case(s) in point: in the middle of this post I went out and weeded part of my garden; I’ve lived in my current house for almost a year and only recently finished decorating the bathroom.

The point of this rambling post is my blogging follow through needs some attention. So here’s my electronic version of crossing my heart and promising I’ll start making sure I actually do some writing on this, my little corner of the blogsphere.

Image from fffound

Friday, April 30, 2010

Spring Break 2010!

I have a confession to make: last week I un-ironically used the word, “yippee”. I’m so ashamed.
It wasn’t because our CSA box has begun bringing the first of its summer strawberries (though yippee to that), instead I’d been blindsided by an old acquaintance from college. This is the type of girl who seems to have exclamation points following her every sentences, wears more pink than a six year old and the only word you can honestly think to describe her would be “sunshine”.

This girl is incredibly sweet, but so full of excitement about all things in life I feel like I need a nap after talking to her. And so I used “yippee” to throw excitement into our conversation when really what I was feeling was far from yippee-esque. This past week has changed all that. I have had the week off from work and spent it road tripping around the Olympic Penninsula; seeing the sights in Forks, the Hoh rainforest, Port Angeles and Port Townsend. It’s been a much needed break when I didn’t even realize I was craving one. My week of freedom continues and after drinks and bingo tonight, I’ll be on my way to Spokane for a sweet little 12k and some quality time with old Spokane friends. Yippee to that!

photo via fffound